The Korupp GmbH is a specialist for the Cathodic Protection methods, KORUPP offers cathodic protection corrosion solutions for every industrial market, pipeline, refinery, above and underground storage tanks, water, concrete, offshore and marine.

In addition to technical consulting, project management and installation of CP systems, the company supplies all the necessary products and installation materials.

Our main fields on activity are:


Technical consulting


✔  For preventive corrosion prevention

✔  For solutions of corrosion problems

✔  For AC interference

✔  Stray current investigation


Design & engineering, and Installation,

and maintenance of CP Systems of


✔  Oil, Gas, Water pipelines

✔  Underground storage tanks

✔  Refineries

✔  Offshore platform, harbour

✔  Steel reinforced concrete structures


Computer based calculation of AC

induced high voltage


Supplier of all CP materials


✔  Solid-state reference electrodes Cu/Cu SO4

✔  Anodes

✔  Test posts

✔  Transformer rectifiers

✔  Dynamic grounding devices and systems

    for AC influenced pipelines

Korupp GmbH is a worldwide operating company. Our employees are highly qualified and highly motivated. More than 63 years of experience and innovation provide the basis for forward-looking and to achieve customer-oriented solutions.